Resources & Networking for Small Business Owners!

25 12 2012

NWho really likes to network with people they don’t know who are only interested in selling their products and services?  Paying high membership fees to spend hours at events meeting people who you may or may not be interested in and may or may not be potential customers for your business does not always entice everyone.  Those who may be a little shy or introverted might find it even more difficult to overcome their personal discomfort.  And then after the event…after you have collected a handful of business cards and handed out just as many, you receive call after call from those who strive to perfect the art of “following up” with phone calls to you about their service.  D-r-a-i-n-i-n-g!  Yes, there are many benefits to networking and in today’s era, it is not only suggested, but necessary to network for business survival.  But it is OK if you don’t enjoy that type of networking.  There are alternatives.

Not all networking events are created equally.  There are different ways to network.  Events where there are no pushy selling tactics.  No hard sales.  No “follow ups.”  And, no forced superficial relationship building.  There are opportunities where sharing information to help the business owner manage their business is the focus.  Events to hear presenters talk about their profession that may help you improve your business management is the focus.  Opportunities for business owners to meet to share resources with others and to build true business relationships in your 11community.  Welcome to Casa Grande Business Connections!

Casa Grande Business Connections is the creation of Karen Walter.  After creating a Human Resources consulting company and Sonoran Excursions, LLC, a group tour & event planning company, and meeting many new business owners who were anxious to grow their business and had no idea how to affordably market their products and services, Karen created this opportunity for small businesses in Casa Grande.  All are welcome to join the group to share their resources and encourage local business development in the Casa Grande & surrounding communities.

Casa Grande Business Connections is sponsored by Sonoran Excursions, LLC.